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2014-02-22 01:34 pm
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In recent months I've noticed that certain friends have become distant. I don't mind that much, but it is somewhat sad. In fact, none of my friends even want to hang out with me anymore. They make plans with each other and do activities as a group. It doesn't help that they like to retell stories about whatever party they attended or in jokes they have made among themselves. It's a bit alienating to say in the least. Whenever I try to even start a conversation, most of the time they don't even seem like the want to talk. The other day, I was trying to explain something funny I saw when my friend turned around and started talking to someone else they knew, completely ignoring me. Since then I've been less talkative and do not even try to start any conversations. I try to put on a good face and smile but why bother trying anymore when they don't even want to? I'm glad that school is ending in a few months. I'm sorry this is somewhat a negative post, I just wanted to vent about this for awhile. Hopefully, the next post will not be as depressing.
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2014-02-09 10:02 pm
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sunday sunday

as usual, i spent my sunday playing video games. i was able to finish the main game in fire emblem. however, there's still loads that i have yet to complete. i think i'll work on getting my avatar's child unit, morgan.

now that i'm done with college applications and portfolio work, i was thinking of finally getting a job. i could get some job experience and finally start earning some money that i could put towards college or past times. hopefully by the end of the month i'll find one!
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2014-02-07 03:07 pm
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the vidya

i've been spending most of my free time now playing games. i bought gta v a week ago and my sister and i are having a really fun time playing it. the characters are interesting and the situations they get into are really funny. im honestly surprised im enjoying it so much since im not that kind of person who enjoys sandbox games. however, i have played a couple of the gta games with my cousins in the past. and with the other game i'm playing, fire emblem: awakening and i could go and play the main game but ive been too preoccupied with grinding my units and class changing. i'm glad that fe: a is taking awhile to complete, i'm getting my money's worth.
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2014-01-07 08:45 pm

Trying this out?

Well, I was curious about dreamwidth so I created an account on here. I am not sure what to post here yet. Though, it will be a personal blog of some sorts?? I'm still trying to get a feel for this.